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New Additions to South Carolina Pioneers During 2007

Census Records

1800 Laurens County Census

Church Records

Minutes of the Welsh Neck Baptist Church

Barwick of Ireland, NC & SC
Bird of Edgefield Co., 2 pp.
Blocker of Edgefield Co., 2 pp.
Boatner of Germany, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, 3 pp.
Burt of Edgefield Co., 2 pp>
Butler of Edgefield Co., 2 pp.
Earle of Spartanburg Co., 3 pp.
Gibbes of Charleston, 4 pp .
Goode of Henrico Co., Virginia & Edgefield Co., 2 pp.
Grigsby of Virginia & Edgefield Co., 3 pp.
Hammond of Richmond, Virginia & Edgefield Co., 4 pp.
Harris of Edgefield Co., 1 pp.
Izard of Charleston, 3 pp.
Jordan of Edgefield Co., 3 pp .
Key of Edgefield Co., 4 pp .
Killcrease of Edgefield Co., 2 pp.
Laremon of Edgefield Co., 2 pp .
Lee of Charleston, 2 pp.
Miller of Edgefield & Winton Co.'s, 2 pp.
Mims of New Kent Co., Virginia & Edgefield Co., 4 pp .
Perryman of Virginia & South Carolina, 5 pp.
Ryan of Edgefield Co., 3 pp.
Sission of Edgefield Co., 2 pp.
Spencer of Edgefield Co., 1 pp .
Stegall of Virginia & Pickens Co., 6 pp .
Summerall of Edgefield Co., 3 pp.
Watson of Edgefield County, 4 pp.
Williams of Beach Island, 2 pp.
Genealogies from the Colonial Families of the US by George Norbury McKenzie (1912)
Abney of Edgefield Co.
Calhoun of Pendleton Co.
Earle of Greenville and Spartanburg Counties
Furman of Charleston
Gailliard of Sumter
Gibbes of Columbia
Hollister of Charleston
Huger of Charleston
Lee of Charleston
Middleton of Charleston
Park of Spartanburg County
Robertson of Charleston


Map of Plantations in Lower Kershaw County
Map of Edgefield County (1817)
Map of Plantations in Upper St. John's Parish

Revolutionary War Pensions

Ballard, Thomas
Beck, Jeffrey
Bird, John
Bone, George
Bone, Lewis
Bowen, Benjamin
Boyd, William
Cardoza, David N.
Harrison, Reuben, Greenville District
Holland, Charles
Holland, Jacob
Smith, Job
Smith, William
Snoddy, Samuel, Spartanburg District
Tinsley, James, Spartanburg District
Wade, David, Greenville District
Weddeman, Peter, Newberry District
Wilbanks, William, Pickens District
Williams, Charles
Wilson, Newman, Greenville District
James Young, Greenville District

Warrants and Land Records

Charleston County - Plat of Patrick Cunningham (1774); deed of Hugh Brown
Edgefield County - Balentine, Hugh, 1809 deed
Edgefield County - Neyle, Daniel, Edgefield County Land Grant (1750)
Edgefield County - Savage, John Land Grant (1794)
York Co. Land Warrants 1807-1816

Wills & Estates (Abstracts)

Abbeville County Index to Minutes of Court of Ordinary 1776-1783 (fragments of surviving estates)
Anderson Wills 1799-1818
Barnwell County Index to Wills (1787-1856)
Chester Wills 1779-1797
Chester Wills 1792-1802
Chester Wills 1803-1805
Laurens Wills 1787-1789
Laurens Wills 1798-1807
Laurens Wills 1799-1817
Laurens Wills 1819-1825
Union County Index to Minute Book A (1783-1791)

Will Images

Alexander Archer, Chester Co.
James Archer, Kershaw Co.
William Gantt, Abbeville Co.
Reuben Barrett, Greenville Co.
William W. Robinson, Pickens Co.
John Turner, Spartanburg Co.
John Robinson, Anderson Co.
William Robinson, Pickens Co.
Joseph Price,1835, Spartanburg
LWT of James Archer, deceased (1743), Chester County
1823 Estate of Henry Burch, deceased, Pendleton County
Edward Collins of Abbeville Co. (1837)

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