Wednesday, July 10, 2019

The Search for Church Records and Monuments #scgenealogy #southcarolinapioneersnet

A Worthwhile Endeavor. The Search for Church Records and Monuments

Jewish Cemetery in CharlestonAlthough typically church rolls were kept and maintained, listing members names, baptism dates, marriages and deaths, they were difficult to locate. Oh, If we had the church membership roll along with our own record of the tombstones! Even so, the genealogist should make an active attempt to locate specific church information. After perusing the neighborhood, a search of local libraries and State Archives is indicated. The reason is because some rolls were taken by individuals to the archives and microfilmed. Such a roll could be resting in a microfilm drawer somewhere. I have sometimes found old church membership rolls while visiting cemeteries and asking local people for information concerning the stewards of the church. Interestingly, there is an old church in Charleston whose cemetery has been declared unsafe. Since no one is allowed to enter the cemetery, the names and dates of all of the tombstones were placed on the wall inside the sanctuary. What I am saying is that a stroll around the neighborhood turns up interesting stuff. The preservation of data is precious to the generations which follow. Monuments and other structures provide important historical details. For this reason, we should pause to read the monuments surrounding court houses and other public structures. It will help us to better understand the conditions of the times wherein our ancestors resided.  ...more...

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