Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Names of Charleston County SC Ancestors #scgenealogy #southcarolinapioneersnet

Charleston County Wills, Estates, Records Available for Members of South Carolina Pioneers

Images of Wills, Deeds, Appraisals, Inventories 1729 to 1731

Akins, John | Allen, Richard | Allison, William | Arnold, John to Griffith Rice | Axtell, Daniel to Daniel Axtell Jr. | Ballough, John | Barker, Sarah | Bass, John | Bellinger, William to Mary Donovan | Betteson, John | Betteson, William | Bird, John | Bonneau, Anthony | Brewer, Charles | Brown, Charles | Browne, James | Burnham, Charles | Butler, Christopher | Butler, James | Canty, William, Captain | Canty, William | Carter, Benjamin and wife to William Moore (deed) |Clinch, Alexander | Collins, William | Colwell, John | Cornish, Henry | Cowen, John | Crawford, Samuel | Crichton, George | Cutfield, Richard | Cutfield, Thomas | Danford, Joseph | Dolley, David | Donavan, Daniel | Donnelly, Edward to John Carlow (deed) | Dopson, Joseph | Dormond, Hugh to Thomas Wouvour (deed) | Douglas, George bound to Matthew Beard |Durham, David (deed) to his widow |Eddings, Abraham | Ellery, Thomas | Fushier, Francis | Goodbee, Joseph | Hales, John | Hales, William to Edward Scott(deed)| Hales, William to Edward 


South Carolina Wills and Estates

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