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Where to Find the Oldest Records for Charleston, South Carolina #southcarolinapioneersnet #scgenealogy

Where to Find the Oldest Records for Charleston, South Carolina

Charleston Harbor 18th Century

Online at South Carolina Pioneers

Charleston, SC is a gem of information for those researching Colonial ancestors. One should realize that Charleston was a port of entry dating from 1670, having been officially declared a port city in 1682. In the olden days this was an active port of entry for European immigrants as well as for merchants who traded goods in Europe and in the West Indies. Charleston attracted a busy flowing economy. Pirates also found their way to the port city as is evidenced by affidavits and old deeds. The Charleston records survived and should be researched as a possibility for finding Colonial ancestors. South Carolina has an online collection of wills, estates and deeds dating from 1671 to 1868. Should you wish to see the names of the oldest residents who left wills or estates, the following link is advisable 

Because the records were properly indexed, this link is a good time-saving resource for any genealogist. However, to view the actual documents, one must become a member.

South Carolina Wills and Estates

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