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Images of York County SC Wills and Estates #southcarolinapioneersnet #scgenealogy

Images of York County Wills, Estates, Land Warrants

York CountyYork County was first established in 1785 and was part of Camden District. From 1791 to 1800 it was part of Pinckney District, but became a separate district at the dissolution of Pinckney in 1800. In 1897, part of the county was divided to become Cherokee County. It was named for York County, Pennsylvania. This region is known for the Catawba Indians and the famous Battle of Kings Mountain. The Catawbas signed a treaty with the English in 1763 relinquishing their rights to lands and thus ultimately reducing the size of their reservation. This treaty opened up the area to Scotch-Irish pioneers who were removing down from Pennsylvania. During the American Revolution, the battle of Williamson's Plantation was fought on July 12, 1780 and the battle of Kings Mountain on October 7, 1780. The famous mountain victory helped to turn the tide of events for the Americans. Early settlers: John Martin, Colonel William Bratton (1742-1815), Nathaniel Henderson, Walter Thompson, William Edmondson, Elijah Browne, Samuel Watson, John Moffett, Joseph Turnbull. 

Transcripts of York County Wills are Available to Members of South Carolina Pioneers 


  • York County Land Warrants 1807-1816

Transcripts of York County Wills 1816 to 1839

|Adams, Francis |Adams, Margaret |Alexander, Hester |Alexander, Herman |Allison, Albert |Allison, Robert |Anderson, Ann |Ardry, William |Armstrong, Arthur |Armstrong, James |Armstrong, Mary |Armstrong, Robert |Barnes, John |Barnhill, John |Barnett, Thomas (2) |Barnette, Richard |Barron, John |Barron, Thomas |Barry, Jane |Barry, John Sr. |Barry, Roger |Barry, Samuel |Bartlett, Daniel |Bates, John |Bates, Robert |Baxter, Mary |Baxter, William |Beamgarde, Godfrey |Beard, Jane |Benson, Jacob |Bigger, Moses |Bigger, William |Black, John |Black, Robert |Blair, Samuel |Blaylock, Jeremiah |Boggs, Aron |Boyd, Joseph |Boyd, Thomas Sr. |Bozewell, Robert |Bradley, Ellfyday |Bradley, Samuel |Bratton, Martha |Bridges, Thomas |Brown, Joseph |Brown, Robert |Brumfield, Elizabeth |Bryan, James |Buchanan, Samuel |Camp, William |Campbell, Elizabeth |Carroll, John |Carroll, Joseph |Carroll, Thomas (2) |Carruth, John |Chambers, Elizabeth |Chambers, John |Chambers, Samuel |Chambers, William |Champion, William |Cherry, Peter |Choat, William |Clark, John |Clendinen, Thomas |Cooper, Margaret |Craig, James |Craig, Mary |Crawford, Agness |Crawford, James Sr. |Crawford, James |Currence, Rebecka |Curry, Charles |Cushman, Xerxes |Darby, Samuel |Darnal, James |Darwin, John |Davis, Thomas |Davis, William Sr. |Davison, Margaret |Dickson, William |Donally, Martha |Donnally, James |Donnom, Isaac |Dunlap, Susannasah |Dunlap, William |Dunwoody, John |Durhsm, John |Ellis, John |Ellis, Sarah |Enloe, Isaac |Enloe, Mary |Falls, John |Feemster, James    ...more...

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