Friday, August 24, 2018

There are Great Stories in your Ancestors! #southcarolinapioneersnet

There are Great Stories in your Lineage!

1941 PackardWhether or not your information is from the early 1900s, or before, there are some great stories in your family. Why not share them? Instead of thinking of the ancestors as names on a pedigree chart, think of them as those who prepared the way for you. Many struggles preceded the Constitution of the US, and most all of its founders were divested of their fortunes. Generals and other officers contributed arms, paid for supplies and personally financed the war, never to be repaid. And the soldiers under their command left their homes to combat the occupation of British troops. There are some great stories to be found in Revolutionary War Pensions of the battle and sacrifice. Our schools have condensed the story of freedom down to a few words. Yet genealogist discover a rich history of tradition, honor and sacrifice. Americans today are blessed by those who gave everything for freedom. Should we not then honor our ancestors by learning more about their bravery and telling our children? 

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