Saturday, July 6, 2013

Finding History

We think that we know history, least wise that which we learned in school. However, it has been my good fortune to find the more scintillating moments by searching the era in which my ancestors lived.   In other words, asking questions. What were they up to? Why did they move about so much? What was going on around them which caused them to cross the seas to America? And how were they involved? Just a few questions drive me to further inspection, preferably of passenger lists, State papers and political correspondence, military records, militia units, and the like. I want to know why Johnny never came home from the civil war. So I take a look at his muster rolls and follow his campaigns and encampments. One great grandparent was Scotch-Irish. Did he follow the path of the Irish from Antrim into Pennsylvania, and finally into South Carolina? There is simply so much to learn about the past and how it affected family.

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