Thursday, June 20, 2013

Are we being tracked on the internet?

You bet! The algorythms are programmed to make money for those who offer free services, such as email and other tools. That is why it is free. These companies, such as Yahoo and Google and Facebook are in a positiont to sell statistical information as your trafficing interests. They have spent billions in their investments. Okay. So, let us take a look at how we can better safeguard our privacy. For one thing, it is best to use a paid email service, one which does not harvest and share your email address. One suggestion is Reagan email 

Another tip is to safeguard your internest access.  If you have a router, be sure and assign password access so that no one can within range can share the internet (and gain access to your computer). Next, when using public wi-fi, be certain that it is one in which you have to enter a password.

When going online to banks and other places which have a record of your password, it is best to use the iphone (or other cell phone), turn off the wi-fi option. Cell phones are fed through a local tower. Unless the government has tapped your line, this is a safe bet for now.

Our genealogy websites (listed below) have tight security. We pay extra to the server for this to prevent hackers and mischief. No one can hack in there and create a bogus link which steals your credit card information (a common practice).   Also, when  you subscribe to one of our websites, your credit card is not visible. Your order goes through a high-security merchant company, Authorize Net, where everything is scrambled as it passed through the internet.  Your order is kept offline, and security is so strict that we do not have any record of your credit card number. Therefore, when your order expires, your credit card is not automatically recharged (like it is on other websites).

I do hope that these tips are helpful.

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