Thursday, March 8, 2012

Subscribe now to genealogy websites at lowest rate

Special Low Subscription Prices to Genealogy Websites

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Subscribe to 6 genealogy websites - $150.00 for one year. Save $335.00. Note: We have limited space. 1 space available now.
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Option: Automatic Renewal. We will hold your space if you choose this option! That means that no matter how many years pass, your subscription rate for the above 6 websites will always be $151.00 Need for the above subscription to renew itself annually for the same low bargain price? This popular subscription is not always available due to space. We can hold your space and guarantee this rate (and you may continue using the password initially provided). If you wish an automatic renewal each, click below. You can still cancel this PayPal transaction, but in order to avoid the rebilling, you must cancel before the rebilling date (which is the date of your subscription order) by going to your PayPal account. No refunds. $151.00 for one year subscription to the same 6 genealogy websites (designated above) except that the subscription automatically renews itself annually.
6 genealogy websites.

2-year subscription to Georgia (for the same price as one year) - $100.00

new Special Package Deal - GA, VA, SC. Subscribe to Georgia, Virginia and South Carolina for 1 year - $110.00

Special Package Deal - NC, VA, SC. Subscribe to 3 genealogy websites for 1 year - $100.00
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South Carolina

Special Package Deal - GA, SC. Subscribe to 2 websites for 1 year - $125.00 (save $100)
South Carolina

About your password. Please allow up to 2 hours for your password information to be entered into the website. If not received in a timely manner, send reminder here

No refunds.

Disclaimer: We do not guarantee that you will find your ancestors. See (What'sWhat) on any one of the websites listed above to make certain that this information will fit your needs.

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