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Pendleton District, Digital Images of Deeds Added to South Carolina

Pendleton County Records Available to Members of South Carolina Pioneers

Index to Pendleton District Deeds for 1840
Pendleton District Deeds (digital images) 1825 to 1831 (Grantors) These same transactions apply to Anderson County. Some of these deeds include estate transaction. The names listed below are grantors. Other names are included in each deed transaction. Grantors:
Armstrong, William
Birchfield, James
Brown, William
Bruster, John
Bruster, William
Burns, Leroy
Cooper, Washington
Cox, Sarah
Earp, David
Elliott, Nancy
Evans, Zachariah
Hembree, Daniel
Hooper, Hiram
Hunter, John
Keaton, Archibald
Light, Jacob
Loden, Jesse
Matheson, Thomas
May, William
Merritt, Allen
Pullen, Leroy
Quails, Chloe
Shearman, John
Stewart, James
Tippin, George
Trotter, Robert
West, Priscilla
Wyatt, Elijah

Miscellaneous Wills
Bruster, John, LWT, transcript
Burch, Henry, estate, 1823
Liddell, Andrew, LWT, 1820
Liddell, Moses, LWT, 1802
Rogers, Hugh, LWT, 1801

Pendleton County Land Grants, List of, Books A & B

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