Monday, March 22, 2010

Massacre at Long Canes

By Jeannette Holland Austin

Long Cane CreekLong Cane Creek During the period that the French and Indian War was occurring along the frontier, the settlers of Lane Canes (McCormick County, South Carolina) suffered a massacre by the Cherokee Nation. The year was 1760. A party of settlers were caught fording the creek. This area was called Granville County and was specifically located along Calhoun Creek and Long Cane Creek. Supposing Calhoun Creek was named after William and Catherine Calhoun. An old tombstone marker of Catherine stands there today. Several years later, land bounties were being offered in the area, for more settlers. Many South Carolina deeds refer to Granville County, but this old district has been out of play for hundreds of years. When you see a deed with that name, think of Abbeville, Pendleton and McCormick Counties.

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