Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Goose River Plantations in Berkeley County

By Jeannette Holland Austin

Goose Creek along the Santee and Cooper Rivers in Berkeley County attracted settlers during the 17th century. Jacob Satur, a wealthy merchant, died there in December of 1732. John Herbert, Esq., Commander of Indian Trade, died 23 Mar 1733. William MacKenzie, a merchant who settled on Goose Creek in 1716, died 17 Aug 1738. Peter Taylor was from Ireland. His wife died December of 1759. The area along the Santee was at one time in Craven County. Daniel Huger from France established the Wattahan Plantation in Santee. Edward Middleton received large land grants in 1678 and established The Oaks on Goose Creek.

Colonial genealogies added to South Carolina Pioneers - Huger Genealogy, the descendants from Tureene, France; Middleton Genealogy.

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