Monday, December 14, 2009

Spartanburg, Sumter, Union and Williamsburg County Records Added

The following records have been added to South Carolina Pioneers and are available to members.

Spartanburg County Wills & Documents - Index to Will Book A and B; Wills of Thomas Darby, Anthony Foster, Henry Foster, Isham Foster, William Foster, John Gowen, William Gowen, Benjamin High, Charles James, Christopher Johnson, Margaret Jourdan, Samuel Lancaster, Edward Lipscomb, Charles McClain, William Menders, Reuben Perkins, Joseph Price, Joel Traylor, John Turner (estate and Will).

Sumter County Wills - Index to Sumter County Will Book A; wills of James Atkinson and Alexander Cambell.

Union County Wills - Index to Union County Minute Book A, Estates (1783-91); Index to Union County Will Book A (1777-1814); misc. wills of William Blackstock, Joseph Hughes, Thomas B. Hunt, James Kennedy, Joseph Lee, Daniel Prince, David Prince, James Savage and Capt. John Savage.

Williamsburg County - Index to Williamsburg County Will Book A (1802-1853).

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