Thursday, December 3, 2009

Images of Greenville Co., SC Wills and Estates

Greenville County Wills, Images and Transcripts have been added to South Carolina Pioneers

Index to Greenville Co. Will Bk 1785-1853.

Will Transcripts Added: Arnold, Benjamin, LWT; Barrett, Reubin (1812); Benson, Prue, LWT; Bots, Moon, LWT; Bradley, Abraham, LWT; Chastain, Abraham, estate (1845); Chandler, Joel, LWT; Cox, John, LWT; Crain, Judith, LWT; Crayton, Thomas, LWT; Darrach, Hugh, LWT; Dill, John, LWT (1807); Dill, Stephen, LWT (1839); Dyer, Samuel, LWT; Edwards, John, LWT; Fisher, Nicholas, LWT; Ford, Mary, LWT; Ford, John, LWT; Forest, Jeremiah, LWT; Forrester, James, LWT; Foster, John, LWT; Goodlett, David, LWT; Goodlett, Hiram, LWT; Harrison, John, LWT (3); Hawkins, Joshua, LWT; Howard, Edward, LWT; Howard, John, LWT; Hunt, William, LWT; Janes, Joseph, LWT; Jenkins, Micajah, LWT; Kemp, Richard, LWT; Kirby, Francis, LWT; Langley, Carter, LWT Langston, John, LWT; Lester, Archibald, LWT; Loveless, Isaac, LWT; Machen, Henry, LWT; Mathers, William, LWT; McClanahan, William, LWT (1802) transcrip; McCrary, James, LWT; McVicar, Adam, LWT; Moon, John, LWT (1839), transcript; Moon, William, LWT (1835), transcript; Morgan, Isaac, LWT; Owens, William, LWT; Payne, Isaiah, LWT; Payne, Thomas, LWT; Peden, John, LWT; Peden, John Sr., LWT; Peden, William, LWT; Pickett, Micajah, LWT; Pike, Lewis, LWT, transcript, 1819; Roberts, Hardy, LWT; Roe, James, LWT; Rogers, John, LWT; Sims, Drury, LWT; Smith, Alexander, LWT;Smith, Abner, LWT; Smith, Reubin, LWT; Sparks, Jesse, LWT; Stone, Mary LWT; Tarrant, Benjamin, LWT (1808); Tarrant, John, LWT; Taylor, John, LWT; Thompson, John, LWT; Thackston, William, LWT; Thrasher, Thomas, LWT; Waddill, Edmund, LWT, image (1850); Welch, William, LWT; Wells, Samuel, LWT; Wickliff, Isaac, LWT; Wynne, Matthew, LWT; Young, John, LWT; * Young, William, LWT

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