Thursday, December 3, 2009

Abbeville Co., SC Wills and Estates Added to

The following wills and estates, transcripts for Abbeville County, South Carolina have been added to South Carolina Pioneers -

James, Aston, LWT, transcript; Bates, Stephen, LWT, transcript; Bouchillon, John, LWT, transcript; Bowman, John, LWT, transcript; Bowman, William, LWT, transcript; Calhoun, James, LWT, transcript; Collins, Edward LWT (1837); Cowan, Andrew, LWT, transcript; Crozier, James, LWT, transcript; Edmiston, John, LWT, transcript; Gantt, William (1809; Hanks, Luke, LWT, transcript; King, Benjamin, LWT, transcript; Little, William, LWT, transcript; Logan, Andrew, LWT, transcript;Marck, John Balthaser, LWT, transcript;Marshal, John, LWT, transcript;McCarter, Benjamin, LWT, transcript;McElwee, John, John, LWT, transcript;McKee, Marthy LWT (1813);Meriwether, Francis, LWT (transcript);Mitchell, Isaac, LWT, transcript;
Morrow, George, LWT, transcript;Mott, Andrew, LWT, transcript;Mulherrin, Charles, LWT, transcript;Murdoch, James, Estate, 1837 (image)Norwood, Theophilos, LWT, transcript;
Paterson, Robert, LWT, transcript;Pettigrew, James, LWT, transcript;Prince, John, LWT, transcript, 1782;Reid, George, LWT, transcript;Robartson, John, Sr., LWT, transcript;
Seawright, James, LWT, transcript;Shaw, William, LWT, transcript;Taylor, Thomas, LWT, transcript;Vernon, James, LWT, transcript;Woodin, Rebekah, LWT, transcript;Yeldell, Robert, LWT, transcript

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