Sunday, August 4, 2013

Ben Tillman Family

The widow of Ben Tillman of Edgecombe County, had ten children born to her. At the time, the youngest child was only two years of age. She was known as a hard working, self-reliant and shrewd business woman and virtually doubled the wealth left to her by her husband. Ultimately, she became the richest farmer in the community, had 80 slaves and 3,500 acres. Yet, when she traveled to Augusta on business, she left her horse and wagon in Hamburg on the South Carolina side of the river and walked across the bridge to save the toll. The Tillman home as known as Chester and was a comfortable, commodious twelve-room house, the finest in the neighborhood. It became the center of hospitality when the home was turned into an inn at the crossroads for use by the passengers on the stagecoach from Augusta to Edgefield.  Souce: The Savannah by Thomas L. Stokes.

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Anonymous said...

The Tillmas were from EDGEFIELD, not Edgecomb