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Finding Ancestors in 18th Century Records

Charleston Battery
Colonists kept detailed records.  This practice dates all the way back to ancient Egypt and South Americans with the use of hieroglyphics.  If you can discern some of the drawings of the hieroglyphics, you can certainly make out the old English and Latin to a certain degree.  At the beginning of the 18th century many vessels were delivering cargo into Charleston, South Carolina. To learn who some of the London merchants were one needs to examine the oldest deeds. Sure, the 1600s and 1700s regale with script which is difficult to decipher. Unfortunately the schools have done away with the fancy cursive writing.  My generation had a taste of the fancy f's and double s's, a practice which gave me some heads-up in reading old documents.  The beautiful script is like drawing. Also, if it weren't for that dark India ink used by the colonials, there would be few words to read. From the Charleston deeds of 1703 (found in the will books), one learns that the names of the most active London merchants were: Ben Nicoll, John Crosse, Giles Green.  Here is an interesting note: "Elizabeth, the relict of Joseph Paletta" received a certain cargo from Edmund Bellinger. There was a great deal of activity spelled out in the old deeds, from captains and their vessels delivering cargo with the details spelled out in contracts to names of relatives and tradesmen in London. During the early 18th century, trade flourished from London to the American Colonies and the West Indies.  These were the days when pirates were hijacking vessels on the open seas and such activities were written into the records of the London Board of Trade as well as county records.  To understand, it is important to read all of the county documents (wills, estates, deeds, powers of attorney, marriage contracts, etc.) which survived. During the early 18th century, there were several major ports of entry to consider - New York, Boston, Charleston and Savannah.  It is unknown whether all of the ship manifests listing names of passengers exist in the colonies. Captains had to conform to British rules and regulations of trade in England as well as in the colonies and did not always deliver their manifest to local authorities in a timely fashion. Usually, a search of 3 months or so after the date is indicated.  Although many have been transcribed, we still do not have all of the immigration records into the colonies.  If you had an 18th century ancestor in the Georgia colony, you should also research Charleston records.  Then oneSouth Carolina Pioneers is adding old wills and documents dating from 1671 to the website. The term Know all men by these Presents was used as the beginning of wills, marriage contracts, powers of attorney, indentures, divisions of estates, deeds and so on.  The recognition of those words should be helpful in discerning other words.
has to dig further, specifically in records from the port of origin.    Meanwhile, to make it a little easier for the historian and genealogist,

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Evidence points to Captain Kidd in Charleston, South Carolina !

If you think that you have sufficient historical information about your ancestors, think again.  Many people think that the evidence against Captain Kidd was flimsy and the trial unjust.  Whatever, the situation, there are records yet to be studied.  Such as two depositions taken in Charleston, South Carolina by former crewmen.  These documents establish that the English Board of Trade and Parliament already had their case against the pirate, Captain Kidd, two years before he returned from his unsuccessful voyage to the West Indies as a privateer.  The events leading up to it help piece together a puzzle of dislike and disdainment for Kidd's lack of respect for the British Navy.

The first records of his life date from 1689, when he was a member of a French-English pirate crew that sailed in the Caribbean Sea. Kidd and other members of the crew mutinied, ousted the captain, then sailed to the British colony of Nevis. The vessel was renamed "Blessed William", with Kidd as its captain. Captain Kidd and Blessed William became part of a small fleet assembled by the governor of Nevis to defend it from the French.As the governor did not want to pay the sailors for their defensive services, he told them they could take their pay from the French. Kidd and his men attacked the French island of Mariegalante, destroyed the only town, and looted the area, gathering for themselves something around 2,000 pounds Sterling.  Kidd was afterwards commissioned to capture enemy privateers and was awarded pounds sterling for that job.  A privateer was a private person or ship authorized by a government by letters of marque to attack foreign vessels during wartime.  The cost was borne by investors hoping to profit from prize money earned from captured cargo and vessels.

During the year of 1691, Kidd married a wealthy widow, Sarah Bradley Cox Oort in New York.  In 1695 the governor of New York, Massachusetts and New Hampshire employed Captain Kidd (as a privateer) to attack Thomas Tew, John Ireland, Thomas Wake, William Maze and other pirates, as well as enemy French ships. His new vessel "Adventure Galley" weighed over 284 tons and was equipped with 34 cannon and 150 men.  However, as the ship sailed down the Thames river,  Kidd failed to salute a Navy yacht at Greenwich.  The yacht fired a shot to make him show respect and Kidd caused his crew to turn around and slap their backsides.  The captain of the Navy vessel retaliated by pressing much of Kidd's crew into naval service, which left Kidd rather short-handed when he sailed for New York City. Nevertheless, while en route he captured a French vessel, and once in New York,  replaced his crew members with hardened criminal sorts. He set course for the Cape of Good Hope, a voyage of beset with cholera which claimed the lives of a third of his crew.  The search for pirates at Madagascar failed and he failed to attack several pirate ships.  Further difficulties arose when the crew shouted open threats of mutiny and he killed one of his own crewmen.  Kidd, a foul-mouthed sailor,  was known to be cruel to prisoners and brutal to his crew.  According to several depositions in Charleston, South Carolina, the "Adventure Galley" was labeled a "wicked" ship and the language of Captain Kidd was described. About that time Kidd was declared a pirate by a Royal Navy officer to whom he had promised thirty men or so.Kidd sailed away during the night to preserve his crew, rather than to cause them to be impressed into service.  During April of 1698 as Kidd reached Madagascar, he met up with the pirate Robert Culliford.  One of Kidd's crew members, testifying at the trial of Captain Kidd, reported that Kidd drank to Culliford's health and gave him a present of an anchor and some guns. It was at this meeting that many of Kidd's crew joined up with Culliford and only thirteen remained with the "Adventure Galley".Deciding to return home, Kidd left the "Adventure Galley" behind, ordering her to be burnt because she had become worm-eaten and leaky and returned to the Caribbean Caribbean aboard the "Adventure Prize".    

Meanwhile, the governor of South Carolina forced a hearing and depositions were taken of former crew members in Charleston.  In August of 1699, Captain Rogers testified of a voyage to Madagassar, when Samuel Bradley, Kidd's brother-in-law,  had been put ashore three miles from town.  Bradley had been sick during the entire voyage of the "wicked ship".   William Smith gave his testimony a year later, stating that he was a passenger from the Island of Madagassar in St. Thomas in the West Indies, aboard the ship "Adventure Galley", and that he knew Samuel Bradley who was sick most of the voyage and heard horrid oaths and wicked behavior; that Bradley was put ashore on Karawan and was given nothing (not even water) to carry with him.  But this evidence was dismissed as inadequate, without charges being brought against Captain Kidd.  Thus, it appears that the British authorities had declared Kidd a pirate and the evidence was being gathered. There are several depositions and records worthy of reading on South Carolina Pioneers.  Here is but another reason to read old court house records!   Before Captain Kidd reached New York, he learned that he was a wanted pirate and sunk the "Adventure Prize" in the Caribbean Sea.  Not long afterwards, he was captured and taken to England where he was hanged.

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Images of Charleston Co. SC Wills dating from 1670 on South Carolina Pioneers.net

Charleston County

Charleston SCCharleston SCCharleston SCCharleston and Charleston County represent the earliest productive economy in South Carolina. English settlers arrived in the colony as early as 1670 and established a town at Albemarle Point on the west bank of the Ashley River. Then Charles Town, named in honor of King Charles II of England, was built a few miles away between the Ashley and Cooper rivers. Charles Town (renamed Charleston in 1783) was the political, social, and economic center of the South throughout the colonial period, becoming the antebellum capitol of the state capital until 1790. Charleston District was formed in 1769, but portions were later split off to form Colleton (1800) and Berkeley (1882) counties. Charleston County of today includes the old parishes of St. Philip, St. Michael, Christ Church, St. Andrew, St. John Colleton, and part of St. James Santee. It was the English and French Huguenot settlers and their African slaves who established the prosperous rice and cotton plantations of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. In fact, some of the first Georgia colonials ran away to Charleston so that they could establish agricultural plantations using slave labor. In essence, Charleston represented civilization to the colonials. In June of 1776, Charleston found itself embroiled in the Southern Campaign of the Revolutionary War and handily defeated the attacking British fleet. A palmetto log fort (later named Fort Moultrie) on the island of Sullivan Island cannonaded British causing them to retreat. During the War Between the States when federals were fired on at Fort Sumter by Confederate forces in April 1861, this act signalled the start of the war. 

Early settlers: Charles Cotesworth Pinckney, General Andrew Pickens, Colonel Robert Anderson, Captain Robert Maxwell, John Bowen, Major John Ford, John Hallum, William Johnson, John Lewis Gervais, Ralph Atmar, George Bampfield, Lewis Newhouse, John James Himely, Edward Trescott, James Bentham, Moses Tomlin, William Moultrie, George Ringland, Jacob Drayton and others. 

Charleston County Wills, Estates, Records Available for Members of South Carolina Pioneers 

Images of Wills 1800 to 1803
Testators: Abraham, Emanuel; Allen, Samuel; Anderson, Archibald; Ashby, Magdalene; Atwell, Ichabod; Axson, William; Bagus, George; Barksdale, Thomas; Bennett, William; Benvist, Samuel; Blackman, Sarah; Blake, Charlotte; Blake, John; Blondel, Peter; Bonneau, Benjamin; Bonneau, Francis; Branford, Elizabeth; Brown, Edward; Bull, John; Burdett, Robert; Burke, A. E.; Bush, Isaac; Byart, Catherine; Calwell, Henry; Capers, Gabriel; Carfield, Richard; Casey, John; Castinel, Mark Anthony; Cerra, John; Castell, Sarah; Chanler, Isaac; Chapman, Sarah; Chartier, John James; Clark, John; Clitherall, James; Cohen, Jacob; Cook, Elizabeth; Crawford, William Dearington, Thomas, Hannibal, slave of; Deas, Elizabeth; Debesse, William; Desrivaux, Boutinot; Dubert, Godfrey; Eden, Joshua; Elmore, Jesse; Erving, Adam; Ethridge, Sarah; Fabre, John; Ferrans, John Gordon; Fickling, Jeremiah; Filbin, Charles; Flagg, Henry Collins; Fogartie, Francis; Foster, John Robert; Freare, Sarah; Frink, Paul; Gaillard, John; Guerin, Esther; Guist, William Haggat, Panny; Harvey, Dorcas; Heffing, Henry; Hill, Elizabeth; Hope, John; Hopton, Sarah; Huger, Binkey; Huger, Francis; Humphrey, Benjamin; Ivy, Abraham; Izard, Charlotte; Jenkins, Daniel; Johnstone, William; Jones, Francis; Kennedy, Andrew; Kennedy, John; Killin, James; Lane, Margaret; Laurens, Henry (petition); Laurens, Peter Lebby, Nathaniel; Legare, Francis; Legare, John; Legare, Isaac; Legare, Thomas Sr.; Liber, Elizabeth; Livingston, Eleanor; Lovett, Samuel; Lowndes, Edward; Lowndes, Rawlins; Lyon, John; Maret, Lewis; Marquis, Elizabeth; Mason, William; Matherves, Peter Basnett; Maybank, Peter; Maxyck, Benjamin; Maxyck, Richard; McCall, John; McCorkell, Thomas; McIver, John; Miller, William; Mills, William; Mintzing, Anna Maria; Mitchell, William Osborne; Moore, John; Morgan, William; Muirhead, James; Newman, Reuben; Parker, John; Parmenter, Joseph; Patiot, Phillipe; Paterson, George; Perry, Edward; Phipps, John; Pickling, George Sr.; Pierredon, Collins; Pilsbury, William; Player, Thomas; Porcher, Philip; Postell, Susannah; Power, Nicholas; Red, James; Remington, John; Rivers, Elizabeth; Rivers, Joshua; Roberts, John; Robinson, John; Robinson, Septimus; Rose, Alexander; Ross, Jane; Row, George; Rowan, Mary; Rumpy, Christopher; Selby, George; Shelter, Charles; Shutterling, Maria; Silberg, Nicholas; Sinclair, Daniel; Singleton, Thomas; Sinkler, Thomas; Smilie, William; Smith, Robert; Solomon, Hyam; Solon, Margaret; Spidel, Everhart; Stevens, Jane; Swain, Luke; Swinton, Margaret; Taylor, Charles; Taylor, George; Thorney, William; Tilley, John; Timothy, Robert Smith; Trevant, Theodore; Unselt, Henry; Valkinburgh, Martin Pan; Vivier, Pierre Bournon; Wall, Mary; Ware, Gray; Ware, Joshua; Waring, Sarah; Wigfall, Joseph; Williams, Sarah; Wilson, Sarah; Wolf, John Frederick; Woodbridge, Robert; Woodman, Edward; Wragg, Dick
Images of Wills, Estates, Deeds 1671
Testators: Edward Roberts, Edward; Henry Woodward; Mary Pierre Bertrand; William Sayle.
Miscellaneous Wills, Estates, Deeds 1687 to 1710
Testators: Adams, William | Alexander, John | Allen, Jacob | Amory, Jonathan | Amory, Martha | Arthur, Christopher | Ash, John | Baker, Richard | Ballard, William | Baynard, Thomas | Beard, Mathew | Bellamy, Isaac | Blanchard, Benjamin | Boshon, William | Braxton, James | Capers, Thomas | Cattell, John | Cato, Thomas | Collins, John | Coming, John | Croft, John | Crosse, John | Crosse, Mary | Croudy, John | Dougald, John | Douiden, John | Drayton, Thomas | Elliott, Joseph | Frear, John | Fullerton, George | Gibbes, Robert | Gibbon, John | Gitton, William | Grayham, George | Grimhalt, Thomas | Hamilton, John | Hilliard, Elizabeth | Hilliard, Thomas | Holland, John | Holton, Thomas | Hulford, Thomas | Isack, Abraham | Johns, John | King, Jeremiah | King, Mary | Kisslow, Helen | Lambert, Benjamin | Lightwood, Ellis | Limpenny, Richard | Lindroy, Daniel | Ludson,Margaret | Mailhett, Peter | Maitland, John | Monroe, John | Moore, John | Morgan, Charles | Morton, Joseph Morton, Thomas | Noble, Henry | Norman, William | Prize, Richard | Rawlins, Edward | Remick, Isaac | Rhett, Sarah | Saunders, William | Smith, Peter | Smith, William | Stanyard, John | Stroud, John | Thomas, John | Torquet, Humphrey | Tripp, John | Wildon, John | Wilke, Joshua | Woodward, John |
Images of Wills, Estates, Appraisals, Inventories, Guardianships, Deeds (from bundled records

Images of Wills, Estates, Deeds 1694 to 1702
Testators: Barker, Thomas | Bennett, Benjamin to Thomas Kelly | Brice, William | Thomas Brooke, Captain to Charles Minor | Buckley, John | Chantile, William | Colleton, John | Colleton, Peter | De Bourdie, Samuel | Galdy, Lewis | Green, Giles, John | Crosse, Ben Nicoll | Hanbury, John | | Harkitt, Elizabeth | Hatton, Joan | Ingonson, James | Johns, Francis | Kidd, William, Captain | Miles, Nicholas | Milnow, John | | Noell, Thomas | Rowe, Thomas | Waites, William | Waltham, Hanbury | Walker, Charles | Welham, Thomas | Wigington, Henry | Williamson, Nathaniel | Wolsby, William
Images of Wills, Estates, Deeds 1694 to 1708
Testators:Abbott, Walter | Abram, Richard | Adams, John | Albert, Peter Alexander, John | Alford, James | Amar, Delong Amory, Jonathan Amory, Jonathan to Peter Levall Amos, Ralf Arnsdale, John | Ashurst, Knight, Lord Mayor of London Avilah, Graham Ball, Robert Barker, Sarah Barker, Thomas | Baron, George Basson, Charles Becinal, Andrew Bennett, Elisha Birth, Elinor Birch, Rebecca Blake, Joseph Bloathman, John | Bolton, Thomas | Boond, Sarah Bradgan, John | Bradley, Sam to James Moore (pirateship) Bridgar, John | Bridgham, Henry Briggs, James | Cary, Thomas | Clapp, Elizabeth Crosse, John |, Ben Nichole, Patrick Walsh, Giles Green Brown, Ann Bull, Benjamin Burnham, Charles Cage, Robert Caillaberf, Rachell Canon, Andrew Carrington, Alexander Carter, Mary Chartaigner, Augustus and Alexander Clarke, Frederick Cob, MIchael Coles, John | and Thomas Colleton, James | Colleton, Katherine Colleton, Peter Colt, Peter Conyers, James | Cordes, Anthony Cown, Ellenor Basley Dalton, Thomas | Deall, James | Dearsly, George, Major Dearsley, Richard | Delahar, Dennis Devereaux, Elizabeth Dewitt, Margaret Dewitt, Philip Dickinson, Jonas Dolling, Richard | Duff, Andrew Dunbar, Andrew Dufay, James | to Theodore Johnson Duncan, George Dunston, Elizabeth Eager, William | Earl, John | Earle, William | Ellicott, Joseph and Elizabeth Everitt, Henry Fenwick, Robert Flower, Edward Foster, John | Foxe, Edward Freeman, Marmaduke Frost, George Gaillard, Jean Gattney, David Gato, John | Sr. Gerrard, John | Gibbes, Robert Gibbs, Thomas | Gignillant, Joseph Gill, Mary Girard, Peter Godfrey, Mary Graves, Joshua Guerard, Peter Jacob Haile, John | Haines, Joseph Hankins, John | Hartley, James | Hartley, Samuel Hawkins, John | Hawlett, William | Hayman, Ann and James to Francis Clinton Hayward, Nicholas Hogben, Kemuley Holland, Thomas | to Edward Pennant Hooks, John | Horker, Thomas | Horroud, Joshua Hourno or Huodo, John | Hourno, Thomas | Humble, William | Jennings, Richard | Jerratt, John | to Lewis Packerroe Joel, William | Joarfley, George Jones, Griffith Jones, Richard | Kelly, Thomas | Kidd, William |, Captain (his brother in law is named) Kidd, William |, Captain Kidd, William |, Captain to Samuel Bradley Ladson, John | Laford, Mary Lakin, Samuel LaRoche, James | LaSalle, Peter Lawson, Jane Lee, Philip Lelerurier, Jacques Linkley, Mary Logan, George Loughton, Edward Lovington, Jacob Manigault, Purr Mann, Thomas | Marique, Isaac Martin, Pridgett Mathews, Anthony Mathews, Cornelius Mazieq, Isaac Mears, Jacob Mears, Robert Meriden, John | Middleton, Henry Miles, Richard | Miller, Thomas | Millvar, John | Millward, John | Milton, Thomas | Mincke, Samuel to John Valentine Moore, James | Moore, James | and Maurice Mathews Moore, John | Nall, Thomas | to John Edmund Newberry, William | Nicholas, Jacque Nicholas, Stephen Notherton, Henry Odingsells, Charles Odingsells, Gabriel Parris, Abraham Parris, Alexander Percinall, Andrew Percinall, Essex Pierpoint, James | Pinckney, Thomas | Pitman, Henry Poffiff, William | Polake, Joseph Poles, William | Porter, William | Price, Nicholas Primatt, Humphrey Pullover, Matthew Quelch, Benjamin Quelch, William | and Joseph to William Jones Raddick, Richard | Randall, William | Rawlings, Benjamin Ray, William | Rhett, William |, Captain Rhett, William | Riddall, John | Risbe, Jane Robeson, Samuel Robinson, Samuel Roupery, Francis Royer, Judith Royer, Noah Jr. Rule, John | Russell, William | Rymer, Jane Salbor, Henry Sanford, Abraham Sellman, John | Sheppard, Samuel to Thomas Stark Shuller, William | Smart, Israel Smith, Christopher Smith, Henry Smith, Jeremiah Smith, Thomas | Squire, Charles St. Legar, Thomas |, Joseph Delanny and Alexander Derquett St. Legar, Thomas | Stanton, M. Stroud, John | Sturgis, Francis Thuck, John | Tilley, William | Toman, Thomas | Torquee, Paul Townes, Thomas | Townsend, John | Trott, Nicholas Turner, Sarah Tyler, Mather Virginia Vobe, John | Want, Richard | Warren, John | Waterline, John | Waylett, John | Webb, Joshua Welham, Thomas | Wich, John | Wise, John | Williamson, Ame Williamson, Dove Wilson, Ralph Willson, Jane Wiltshire, Richard | Wolsby, William | Wright, Abraham Wright, Anthony Wright, John | Wych, Thomas | Wyed, Richard | Yeamans, Thosin, Samuel Weeks, Bridgett Winpenny
Images of Wills, Estates, Deeds 1716 to 1721
Testators: Holland, Sarah | Atkins, Robert | Bacot, Peter and Dan to Charles Franchema | Barber, Sarah | Baynard, Sarah | Bollinger, Elizabeth R. to Samuel Eveleigh | Bossard, John to Peter le Chevellier | Bremar, Solomon | Bromgr, Samuel, Captain | Browne, Thomas | Bull, William | Burnham, Charles | Capers, Richard | Carman, Caleb | Chaife, James | Clark, Jonathan, Captain | Colleton, John | Collins, Jonah | Connaway, George | Connaway, Jeremiah | Connaway, Sarah | Connely, John, Captain | Craft, John | Cranston, Samuel | Cuttler, Thomas (an expedition against pirates} | Davis, Othinell | Davison, Henry | Earle, William | Farrell, Richard | Flanning, Thomas | Fowler, Thomas | Foy, Thomas | Francklyn, Mary | Goof, Roger | Grange, Mary | Guy, William | Hale, Henry | Hambly, Peter Hawitt, Mary | Hulian, Elias | Hutchinson, Elisha | Johnson, Robert | Jones, Thomas | Laws, Nathaniel Leavey, Thomas | Lochley, Dorothy to James Peartree | Lucas, John | Marshall, John | McClellan, Hugh | Middleton, Arthur | Morriss, Thomas | Morton, Joseph | Osborne, Robert | Painter, Peter | Parkman, William | Peycroft, Stephen to John Herring | Porter, Elizabeth | Rambert, Edward and Elizabeth | Rambert, Judith | Read, Samuel | Rennolds, Richard | Rhett, William | Sam, Elizabeth | Sanders, Lamberth | Savinau, Mary and Jacques | Smith, Daniel Crow to Francis Chernock | Stevenson, John | Tingerson, Marg | Tookeman, Richard | Tynate, Edward | Warnock, Andrew | Watt, Susanna, Dove Williamson, Andre Wallen | White, Elenor | Wigington, Henry | Wilson, Lancelot | Wilson, Nathaniel | Yonge, Francis
Images of Wills, Estates, Deeds 1720 to 1721
Testators: Ballentine, Patrick | Child, James | Cramer, C. | Deeks, Arthur | Deeks, Jackson | Everdety, Theodore | Fitzgerald, Thomas | Footer, Joseph | Foster, Andrew | Gilbert, James | Girardeu, John | Goodby, John Sr. | Guy, Margaret | Holbeatcch, Joseph | Laranety, Florence | LaRoche, James | Linchley, Isaiah | Logan, George | McMurtry, John | Moody, Thomas | Peuney, Robert | Player, Roger | Seabrook, Robert | St. Julian, Jesonsigne Pierre de | Stevenberly, John | Stevens, Robert | Stewart, Charles | Symzell, John | Taillor, John | Turner, Samuel | Ward, John | Weekly, Richard | Whitman, John | Whitmarsh, John | Wright, Jacob
Images of Charleston County Wills, Deeds, Appraisals, Inventories 1720 to 1721 (copied and repaired)
Allen, Thomas | Ashworth, Jasper | Ball, Richard | Barker, Mary | Barnett, Mary | Basnet, Mary | Beresford, Richard | Betteson, William | Bond, Jacob | Branford | Brooke, Edward | Burnett, Mary | Callahan, Daniel | Carmon, Peter | Cattel, Benjamin | Chambers, Thomas | Clark, Moses | Daniell, Sarah | Darden, Edward | Dossey, John | Dupuy, Andrew | Elmes, William | Elmes, orphans | Eveleigh, Samuel | Fairchild, Orme | Farley, James | Fleury, Abraham | Garrard, John | Grice, Elizabeth | Griffin, Benjamin | Guerin, Peter | Hammerton, William | Hartman, John | Hew, Robert | Hill, John | Hitchcock, Elizabeth | Hogg, John | Holliburk, John | Holmes, Francis Sr. Johnson, William | Kilpatrick, David, Dr. | Lewis, Isaac Lloyd, John | Logan, George | Milner, Joseph | Moor, John | Morton, John | Morton, Joseph | Nairns, Elizabeth | Necthrope, James | Nicholson, Francis | Oliver, Bartholomew Parker, Thomas | Perkins, Joseph | Perrineau, Samuel | Petineau, John | Peterson, George | Pratt, John | Ramack, Isaac | Rhett, William Sr. | Royer, John | Scott, William | Simpson, Alexander | Spencer, Oliver Taylor, Even Exer | Tomkin, Richard | Walthrop, James | | Wilkinson, Thomas | Wyatt, Stephen
Images of Charleston County Wills, Deeds, Appraisals, Inventories 1722 to 1724
Testators: Allen, Elizabeth Wigfall | Arden, Edward | Atwell, Joseph Sr. | Bacon, Michael | Barnwell, John | Bee, Thomas | Betson, William | Bohun, Nicholas | Branford, John | Brown, Clement | Butler, John | Butler, Thomas | Carlisle, Elizabeth | Cheever, Phillip | Clifford, Martha | Codner, Richard | Cogwell, Jeremiah | Cutler, Thomas | Dews, Robert | Drayton, Thomas | Dubois, John | Dupuy, Andrew | Ellis, Thomas | Emms, Ralph | Eve, Abraham | Fairchild, Anne | Fairchild, Richard | Filben, James, minor | Ford, George | Gendren, Philip | Gibbes, Benjamin | Gill, James | Godfrey, John | Godfrey, Thomas Sr. | Green, John | Grimball, John | Grimball, Thomas | Guerard, John | Guerard, Martha | Guerin, Peter | Hanyarne, James | Harrison, Joseph | Hatcher, Nicholas | Hays, Jane | Haywood, Powell and Elizabeth | Hearn, John | Hill, John | Hunan, Jean | Izard, Ralph | Killpatrick, David King, Robert | LaRoche, James | Leaverance, John | Leger, Pierre | Livingston, Rebecca Livingston, William | Mackey, Alexander | Martin, Patrick | Masters, John | Maybank, David | McDaniel, Nathaniel | Meade, Mary | Mills, Hugh | Mitchell, George | Moore, James | Moore, Thomas | Musgrove, John | Nairne, Elizabeth | Nutting, John | Ogle, Dorothy | Oliver, Bartholomew | Partridge, Nathaniel | Pawley, Percival | Perroneau, Samuel | Pinney, John | Potter, Humphrey | Pulke, Joseph | Rhett, William | Roach, Richard | Rowser, Sarah | Samways, Katherine | Scheult, James | Sheat, Amia | Simmons, John | Singletary, Richard | Smith, Thomas | Spencer, William | Stewart, Thomas | Sumner, Samuel | Taylor, Ebenezer | Turner, Samuel | Walkutt, Ebenezer | Waters, John | Whitmarsh, John | Wragg, Joseph | Wright, Robert | Wrixham, James | Wyatt, Robert
Images of Wills, Inventories, Appraisements, Deeds 1724-1725

Images of Wills, Inventories, Appraisements, Deeds 1726-1727

Images of Wills 1818 to 1819 
Testators: Arthur, George ; Averell, Henry ; Baas, John; Baron, Alexander; Brown, Elizabeth; Campbell, Elizabeth; Campbell, James; Cattle, Barsheba; Caught, Mary; Coburn, John; Cochran, Susanne; Collins, Susannah; Cooper, Charles; Cooper, Robert; Costa, Fred P. ; Daughtry, Charles ; Dickson, Thomas; Doyle, Thomas; Doyles, Patrick ; Dresler, Hans Joachim; Dutart, John; Faber, John Christopher; Ferrall, William ; Fraser, Judith ; Freeman, Elizabeth ; Freeman, Richard ; Fuller, Jannet ; Gadsden, James William; Geddes, Henry; Gibson, John; Grimki, John F.; Gumont, Peter ; Hay, Susan S.; Horlbeck, Catherine; Hoyt, Thomas; Huger, Martha ; Izard, Esther ; Lafar, Joseph D.; Lang, Robert ; Lechais, Josephine ; Lutze, Bernard ; Lyon, Mordecai ; Mathews, Thomas ; Mikell, John ; Mitchell, Ann ; Mitchell, James D. ; Mitchell, Sarah; Moore, Ann ; Morgan, Edward Bullard ; Murray, Joseph James ; Nesbitt, Abigail ; Parker, Martha; Parker, Sarah; Power, Edward ; Price, William Jr.; Ravenal, Stephen ; Reid, John; Reynolds, William; Rodriguez, Mary; Rousell, Elizabeth; Rutledge, John ; Schwartz, John ; Serjeant, M. L.; Sherman, George W.; Sheviely, George ; Simons, Keaton Lewis ; Smith, Anne D. ; Smith, Barbary; Smith, Morton Wilkes; Smyth, Helen ; Stewart, Rebecca Bud ; Sweeny, Patrick ; Taylor, Paul ; Thomas, Mary Magdalena Inglis ; Todd, Patrick Savage; Trescot, Edward ; Vincent, Thomas ; Waring, Mary; Wells, Moses; Wilkes, John; Wilkinson, Susanna; Witten, Peter Robert ; Wood, William E.
Images of Wills 1820 
Testators: Airs, George ; Ashe, Elizabeth; Bennett, Henry; Bird, Sarah; Black, William; Bonneau, Elizabeth; Brooke, Sarah; Bryan, James; Buchanan, Peter; Calder, Henry; Champneys, John; Chart, William; Clark, George; Clark, James; Cockfield, Mary; Coleman, Patrick; Cordear, Peter Augustus Florimon; Crafts, William; Crammer, Margaret ; Crocker, Francis Shaw; Croft, Peter; Dennison, James; De Norray, John Charles Francis; Dowling, Edward; Drayton, Charles; Edwards, John; Faber, John C. Jr. ; Flinn, Andrew ; Frink, Thomas Blodget ; Gensell, John; Hallum, Mary; Heyward, John; Hichborn, Elizabeth; Hill, Henry Duncan; Hollinshead, Sarah; Holmes, Elizabeth; Holmes, James; Horry, Thomas; Huston, James; Jarmas, John; Jenings, Mary Margaret ; Jenkins, Eliza ; Karwon, Thomas; Ladson, Judah; Lamb, Thomas; Manigault, Charlotte; Marshall, John; Mathews, Sarah ; McClure, Cochran; McGill, Samuel ; Miller, Eliza; D'Oyley, Daniel ; Palmer, Mary Ann; Patterson, John ; Peak, Oliver D.; Perry, Susanna ; Poppenheim, Lewis; Pressley, William ; Pring, James ; Ralston, Robert; Ramadge, Francis; Ravenal, Paulde St. Julien ; Rivers, Sarah; Robertson, Francis; Rodgers, Charles ; Russell, Mary; Russell, Nathaniel ; Scott, William ; Simons, Catherine; Stobo, Morton ; Tanner, Edward ; Tone, Peter ; Webber, William ; Wigfall, Constantia ; Williman, Jaoob; Wilson, Hugh ; Woodscruffe, Elizabeth; Wythe, Peter and Yates, Samuel
Images of Charleston County Wills 1821 to 1823 
Testators: Abraham, Mary; Allen, Stephen; Baker, Susannah; Ball, Martha; Barnstein, John Henry ; Bellamy, Esther; Beur, Richard ; Bixby, Joseph; Bollough, James; Boyd, William Robert ; Brailsford, Mary; Brisbane, William; Broughton, Philip Poucher ; Bull, William Stephen; Burger, Charles; Cambridge, Elizabeth; Campbell, Hugh George; Cantley, Roger G. ; Cape, Mary; Carroll, James Parsons ; Chapelin, William ; Chisolm, Robert ; Cleaper, Charles; Conova, Eliza ; Cooke, William ; Cornwall, Sarah ; Cousuiaus, Benjamin ; Creighton, Perth; Cunnington, Elizabeth Sophia ; Danjou, Louis ; Dautherean, Romain Marie ; Deas, Henry; de Tottenase, Charles; Doyle, Grace ; Drayton, John; Durr, John; Duvall, Catharine; Earnest, Barnet; Edwards, Rebekah ; Egleston, John ; Elliott, Amerinthea; Ellis, Benjamin ; Foster, Sarah; Figuers, Peter B.; Firsch, Carl Wilhelm ; Florin, Henry ; Frisch, Elizabeth ; Fullerton, Elizabeth; Gadsden, Thomas ; Gardner, John ; Gist, States ; Glover, Wilson; Gourdine, Samuel; Greenhill, Hume ; Greenwood, William; Gregorie, James ; Haggin, Hester ; Haig, Robert ; Happoldt, John George; Harris, Tucker ; Hasell, Andrew; Hazyek, Elizabeth Charlotte ; Henley, John ; Heyward, Samuel ; Holmes, John; Huger, Charles ; Huggins, Jacob Bonhart ; Humbert, Elizabeth ; Hunt, Joseph; Hurman, Henry; Hutchinson, Esther; Hutchinson, Mary ; Huxford, Harlock ; Jacks, James ; Jauden, Elijah Jenkins, Susanna Johnson, John Kenigmacher, Adam Kennedy, Peter Kugley, John Lamb, David Laurens, Mary Laws, Robert Sr. Lee, Mary Leger, Elizabeth Mary; Levy, Sarah; Lockwood, S. ; Lord, M. ; MacBeth, James ; Mair, James; Mazyck, Benjamin ; McCall, John Ward ; McDowell, John ; McIntosh, Esther; McLeod, Donald ; Miller, James; Moce, William ; Moncrieffe, John ; Moods, Peter ; Morrison, John; Moses, Lyon; O'Reilly, James; Palmer, Thomas; Parker, Thomas; Peak, Elizabeth; Peak, John; Pepper, Ann; Pepoon, Benjamin ; Percy, William; Peyre, Floride; Pillet, John; Pinckney, Thomas Susanna ; Postell, William; Radcliffe, Lucretia Constance ; Ravenal, Paul ; Ravenal, Rene ; Raymond, William H. ; Reeves, Aeneas; Reynolds, Mary E. ; Ross, Hugh ; Rutledge, William; Ryckbosch, Francis ; Sampayiac, Theodore ; Se Chevalier, Oliver ; Sinia, Francis; Smith, Laben ; Smith, Mary Ann ; Smith, Peter ; Smith, Thomas; Smith, William Sr. ; Spinar, Josse ; Swinton, Susannah ; Tebout, Judith; Tellooce, William; de Tottenase, Charles; Thomas, John; Thorne, John; Tucker, Mary ; Villiponticeaux, William D.; Vinkler, Margaret ; Vinning, Samuel ; Ward, Mary Grimki ; Warley, William ; Wells, Elizabeth; Willet, Jacques Rou ; Williams, Abimeleck; Wilson, Robert; Windsor, Thomas, Capt. ; Yates, Joseph ; Young, William Price
Images of Wills 1834 to 1839, Part I
Testators: Ball, Elias; Barton, Mary Ann; Black, John; Brinkman, Adolph; Broughton, Ann; Broughton, Elizabeth Demaris; Buerhaus, Herman Frederick; Bull, Elizabeth; Calder, Billy; Coburn, Jane M.; Cruikshank, William; Cusack, Peter ; Daingerfield, William; Eggart, Juliet; Fair, William ; Ferris, Sarah; Fickling, Isaac; Florim, Elinore Marie, widow; Ford, Jacob; Gibbs, William; Gibson, James; Gordon, John; Grimke, Thomas; Harvey, Arnold; Hohn, Charles;Horden, Elizabeth; Huger, Ann; Hutchinson, Elizabeth Love; James, Mildred; Jones, Margaret ; Jones, Mary; Johnson, William; Joyner, Rebekah; Lafforge, Marie; Levy, Lyon: Lockleer, Stephen ; McPherson, James Elliott; McPherson, Susan; Miller, Mary; Moer, Thomas; Oats, Mary; Parker, Wellington; Porte, John; Price, Ann; Pricher, Conrad; Primerose, Catherine; Ravina, Joseph; Rivers, Samuel; Smith, Agnes ; Snowden, Ann ; Tardiff, William ; Taylor, William ; Vale, Elizabeth; Venning, Nicholas ;Warley, Elias ; Whilden, Elias; Wyatt, John
Images of Wills 1834 to 1839, Part II 
Testators: Allen, Alexander ;Anthony, Mary; Arnold, Amos; Bailey, Charles; Baker, Richard; Bean, James; Black, Thomas; Boudo, Heloise; Boon, Charlotte; Brady, John;Broughton, Daniel; Burrell, William; Cahusas, Ann ; Chisolm, George; Christie, Joanna; Clark, Ann; Collins, Margaret ; Course, Isaac; Cruikshanks, Daniel; Curry, James; Cuthbert, James; Damascke, Martin; Dart, Elizabeth Martin; Dempsey, Myles; Desgraves, Peter Thomas; Dickson, Mary; Duval, Peter; Eden, Edward; Evans, Susan; Elyman, Christian; Eude, Louis; Fash, Leonard; Faulling, Thomas; Ferguson, Ann; Freeman, Richard; Gefkin, Christiana ; Gill, William; Goodrich, Ann ; Guardeau, John ; Guillard, Augustus Theodore; Gyles, Mary; Gyles, Rosina; Hamilton, John; Hanscome, Joseph; Harleston, Anna; Henry, George; Hewett, Thomas; Hickman, Joshua; Hines, Joseph; Holmes, Elizabeth; Howe, Mary; Huger, Charlotte; Hunter, Margaret; Jacobs, Hyman; Jacoby, George; Johnston, Alexander ; June, Cornel; Kennedy, William; Kirkland, Marianne; Knox, Walter; Kochler, Jacob; Lamb, Isaac; Lagare, Mary; Lawson, Charles; Lining, Polly; Lockwood, Joshua ; MacKennie, Elizabeth; McCalla, Sarah; McDonald, Sarah; McLean, James; Mellard, Elisha; Mitchell, Margaret; Morley, Susan; Murrell, Martha; Nicholson, James; Nowell, Margaret; Porcher, Julia; Poulton, Rachael; Purcell, Ann; Quinlan, Mary; Ravenol, Daniel James; Rembert, Isaac; Revell, Hannah; Rivers, William; Roberts, Elizabeth; Roche, Edward; Rolando, Isabella; Rouse, Lewis; Ruddock, Susannah; Rutledge, Mary; Ryan, Elizabeth; Stapleton, Mary; Stock, Margaret; Street, Martha; Swenton, William; Tavel, Charles; Timmons, George; Wallace, Ann; Wasley, Ann; Wayman, Francis; Wilkie, William; Wilkins, Martha Charlotte; Willson, Charles; Woolf, Rachel
Images of Wills 1839 to 1845
Testators: Akin, Eliza; Anderson, James; Anderson, Kennedy ; Ashe, Abraham; Baker, Sarah; Barnett, Samuel; Baron, Alexander; Bateman, Isaac; Belluigall, Margaret; Bennet, Sophie; Benson, Lawrence; Biglow, Lyman; Blair, Elizabeth; Blake, Harriet; Blanding, Abraham; Boone, Sarah; Boykin, Fitzgerald Glover; Brown, James; Brown, Sarah; Bryan, Lydia; Buckley, Maria; Burbage, Daniel; Chanel, Anthony; Chisolm, Marianne; Clark, Aaron; Cleary, Catherine; Clifford, Henry; Cobia, Ann; Cockfield, John; Collins, John; Cromwell, Samuel; Dacourt, Don Fransisco; Davies, Daniel; Davis, Eliza; Daws, Catherine; Dawson, Drayton; Delany, Michael; Doyle, Edward; Drayton, Sarah Maria; Drayton, Rebecca; Duncan, Patrick; Dupont, Joseph; Dupree, Frances; Edwards, Charles; Edwards, Edward Holmes; Edwards, Mary; Elliot, William; England, John; Ferguson, Eliza; Ferris, Henry; Flinn, Eliza; Francis, Edward; Fraser, James; Fraser, Susan; Gants, Ann; Gates, John; Glen, Margaret; Glover, Joseph; Goldberg, David; Graves, Charles; Green, Mary Ann; Greer, Maria Augusta; Grimke, Mary; Gunther, Phyllis; Hall, Sarah; Hamilton, Harriet Cleland; Hamlin, Sarah; Hayden, Jane; Hayne, Robert Y.; Hill, Mary; Hillman, Ann; Holloway, Richard; Hutchinson, Sarah; Jackson, Rebecca; Jenkins, Martha; Johnson, Jane; Johnston, James; Johnston, William; Jones, William; Kelly, Mary; Kershaw, Frances R.; King, John; King, Mary; Kirkpatrick, Andrew; Lee, Thomas; Maillard, Ann; Marks, Joseph; Martin, Rebecca; Martin, Samuel; Matthews, Mary; Maybank, Joseph; McAlpin, Mary; McBride, Ellinor; McDonald, Christopher; McDow, William; McFarlane, Catherine; Miller, Catharine; Mitchell, Elizabeth; Mitchell, James; Milligan, William; Moore, Elizabeth; Morrison, Simon; Myers, David; Noble, Mary; O'Neil, John; Palmer, Harriot; Peter, Vincent ; Porcher, Thomas; Postell, Glen; Prioleau, Samuel ; Pringle, John; Provost, Joseph; Ramsay, Martha; Rogers, Charles; Rose, Hugh; Ruger, Valentine; Rutledge, Francis; Ryan, Lawrence; Scheels, Wade Hampton; Scott, William; Sloan, Allan; Smith, Ann; Smith, John; Steele, William; Thomas, Betty; Thompson, John; Tidyman, Hester; Tovey, Henry; Townsend, Daniel ; VanRhyn, John ; Veree, Elizabeth; Walker, John; Walker, John Falls; Wall, Richard; Wallis, Margaret; Ward, Elizabeth; Washington, Joshua; Watson, John; Week, Joseph; Wheeler, Ann; Wigfall, Thomas; Wilkins, Martin; Witter, Susannah ; Wood, Edward ; Wright, Robert; Young, William
Images of Charleston County Wills 1845 to 1846
Names of Testators: Akin, James ;Allan, Sarah ;Ashby, J. A. ; Barquet, Barbara; Beckhard, P. ; Booth, Margaret; Brailsford, Susan ; Burger, Samuel ; Caldwell, William ; Catherwood, J. J. ; Clarke, Charles ; Cooper, Nathaniel ; Dalton, Frances ; Danney, Mary ; Dibble, Andrew ; English, Henry ; Fife, Isabella Mary ; Francisco, Caroline ; Frazer, Elizabeth ; Fryer, Julia ; Gelzer, Sarah; Gough, Rebecca ; Hall, Suzanna ; Hood, Robin ; Husemeyer, W. H. ; Innes, John ; Jeffords, Charles; Jervey, Thomas ; Kiddell, Rachel ; LaRoche, Richard; Leebeck, Dederick; Leseiggneur, Vincent ; Lining, Richard ; Lord, A. B. ; Lusher, Sarah ; Marshall, Jane ; Mathewes, Mary ; Maxton, Jane; Middleton, Sarah ; Michel, Francis; Middleton, Henry; Mikell, Ephraim ; Mikell, Providence ; Pringle, Ann Amelia ; Rentz, John ; Rogers, Priscilla ; Seabrook, Henry ; Smith, Elizabeth ; Smith, Susan ; Thompson, Mary ; Umminsetter, Maria ; Walsted, Job ; Wells, Dianna ; Williams, Isham ; Winthrop, Mary

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  7. GaGraduates.com (Graduates database from ca 1830 to 1925)
  8. SoutheasternGenealogy.com (Digitized Wills in counties of: Carter 1794-1830; Jefferson 1802-1810;Johnson 1839-1900;Unicoi 1878-1887; Washington 1779-1800)
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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Images of York Co. SC Wills

York County SC Genealogy

Moore HouseYork County, SCPictured is the Moore House in Yorkville and York County land. York County was first established in 1785 and was part of Camden District. From 1791 to 1800 it was part of Pinckney District, but became a separate district at the dissolution of Pinckney in 1800. In 1897, part of the county was divided to become Cherokee County. It was named for York County, Pennsylvania. This region is known for the Catawba Indians and the famous Battle of Kings Mountain. The Catawbas signed a treaty with the English in 1763 relinquishing their rights to lands and thus ultimately reducing the size of their reservation. This treaty opened up the area to Scotch-Irish pioneers who were removing down from Pennsylvania. During the American Revolution, the battle of Williamson's Plantation was fought on July 12, 1780 and the battle of Kings Mountain on October 7, 1780. The famous mountain victory helped to turn the tide of events for the Americans. Early settlers: John Martin, Colonel William Bratton (1742-1815), Nathaniel Henderson, Walter Thompson, William Edmondson, Elijah Browne, Samuel Watson, John Moffett, Joseph Turnbull.

Transcripts of York County Wills are Available to Members of South Carolina Pioneers

  • York County Land Warrants 1807-1816
Transcripts of York County Wills 1816 to 1839
  1. Adams, Francis
  2. Adams, Margaret
  3. Alexander, Hester
  4. Alexander, Herman
  5. Allison, Albert
  6. Allison, Robert
  7. Anderson, Ann
  8. Ardry, William
  9. Armstrong, Arthur
  10. Armstrong, James
  11. Armstrong, Mary
  12. Armstrong, Robert
  13. Barnes, John
  14. Barnhill, John
  15. Barnett, Thomas (2)
  16. Barnette, Richard
  17. Barron, John
  18. Barron, Thomas
  19. Barry, Jane
  20. Barry, John Sr.
  21. Barry, Roger
  22. Barry, Samuel
  23. Bartlett, Daniel
  24. Bates, John
  25. Bates, Robert
  26. Baxter, Mary
  27. Baxter, William
  28. Beamgarde, Godfrey
  29. Beard, Jane
  30. Benson, Jacob
  31. Bigger, Moses
  32. Bigger, William
  33. Black, John
  34. Black, Robert
  35. Blair, Samuel
  36. Blaylock, Jeremiah
  37. Boggs, Aron
  38. Boyd, Joseph
  39. Boyd, Thomas Sr.
  40. Bozewell, Robert
  41. Bradley, Ellfyday
  42. Bradley, Samuel
  43. Bratton, Martha
  44. Bridges, Thomas
  45. Brown, Joseph
  46. Brown, Robert
  47. Brumfield, Elizabeth
  48. Bryan, James
  49. Buchanan, Samuel
  50. Camp, William
  51. Campbell, Elizabeth
  52. Carroll, John
  53. Carroll, Joseph
  54. Carroll, Thomas (2)
  55. Carruth, John
  56. Chambers, Elizabeth
  57. Chambers, John
  58. Chambers, Samuel
  59. Chambers, William
  60. Champion, William
  61. Cherry, Peter
  62. Choat, William
  63. Clark, John
  64. Clendinen, Thomas
  65. Cooper, Margaret
  66. Craig, James
  67. Craig, Mary
  68. Crawford, Agness
  69. Crawford, James Sr.
  70. Crawford, James
  71. Currence, Rebecka
  72. Curry, Charles
  73. Cushman, Xerxes
  74. Darby, Samuel
  75. Darnal, James
  76. Darwin, John
  77. Davis, Thomas
  78. Davis, William Sr.
  79. Davison, Margaret
  80. Dickson, William
  81. Donally, Martha
  82. Donnally, James
  83. Donnom, Isaac
  84. Dunlap, Susannasah
  85. Dunlap, William
  86. Dunwoody, John
  87. Durhsm, John
  88. Ellis, John
  89. Ellis, Sarah
  90. Enloe, Isaac
  91. Enloe, Mary
  92. Falls, John
  93. Feemster, James
  94. Feemster, John (3)
  95. Ferris, Alexander
  96. Floyd, Andrew
  97. Forbes, John Sr.
  98. Gabbie, Joseph
  99. Gabby, John
  100. Gallagher, Jane
  101. Galloway, Alexander (2)
  102. Galloway, William
  103. Gault, Elizabeth
  104. Gazaway, William Sr.
  105. Gill, Mary
  106. Gillispie, Margaret
  107. Good, Mary
  108. Green, Abraham
  109. Greer, Agnes
  110. Greer, Susanna
  111. Grier, Robert
  112. Grier, Thomas
  113. Gwin, Richard
  114. Hagan, William
  115. Hall, William
  116. Hambright, Frederick
  117. Hambright, Patrick
  118. Hamilton, Patrick
  119. Hamilton, William
  120. Hanna, Archibald
  121. Hanna, Sarah
  122. Hannah, Rosanah
  123. Harper, Matthew Sr.
  124. Hart, Priscilla
  125. Harris, James
  126. Harris, Mary
  127. Harris, Nathaniel
  128. Harris, Prudence
  129. Harris, Robert
  130. Harrison, Henry
  131. Hart, John
  132. Hemingway, William
  133. Hemphill, Mary
  134. Hemphill, Ssmuel
  135. Henderson, John
  136. Henderson, Nathaniel
  137. Henry, Alexander
  138. Henry, William Sr.
  139. Hill, Solomon
  140. Hoff, Powel
  141. Hogg, James
  142. Hogg, Thomas
  143. Hogge, John
  144. Holdrage, Hannah
  145. Holt, Akillas
  146. Hood, George
  147. Houser, Henry
  148. Houser, John
  149. Howie, Robert
  150. Hutchison, Samuel
  151. Jackson, David
  152. Jackson, John
  153. Jackson, Joseph
  154. Jenkins, Benjamin
  155. Johnston, David
  156. Johnston, John
  157. Johnston, Sarah
  158. Kimbrel, Nancy
  159. Kindrick, William
  160. King, John
  161. Kuykendall, Jonathan
  162. Latham, Janes
  163. Laurance, Joseph
  164. Leatham, Mary
  165. Lipscomb, Wyatt
  166. Little, William
  167. Love, Alexander
  168. Love, Robert (2)
  169. Love, William
  170. Lowry, Samuel
  171. Lusk, Elizabeth
  172. Lusk, Jame
  173. Mannon, Massey
  174. Marley, Jamieson
  175. Martin, Michal
  176. Mason, James
  177. McCall, Guzzell
  178. McCarter, Christopher
  179. McCarter, James
  180. McCarter, Sarah
  181. McCarter, Walter
  182. McCaw, John
  183. McCaw, John Sr.
  184. McConnel, John Sr.
  185. McCreight, Robert
  186. McDaniel, Thomas
  187. McElwain, John
  188. John McFarlin
  189. McGuown, William
  190. McKenzie, Joseph Sr.
  191. McLean, William
  192. McLenahan, Finney
  193. McMackin, Thomas
  194. McMeans, James
  195. McNeel, Mary
  196. McSwain, George
  197. Meacham, Bartlett
  198. Miller, Abraham
  199. Miller, Elvy
  200. Miller, Hughey
  201. Miller, John
  202. Miller, Joseph (2)
  203. Miller, Samuel
  204. Minter, John
  205. Moore, Gordon
  206. Moore, John
  207. Moore, John Sr.
  208. Moore, Nathan
  209. Moore, Ruth
  210. Moore, Samuel
  211. Moore, William Sr.
  212. Muldoon, John
  213. Mullin, Unity
  214. Neely, David
  215. Neely, Jean
  216. Neely, Jonathan
  217. Neely, Samuel
  218. Neely, William
  219. Nesbitt, Francis
  220. Orr, John
  221. Packard, Zedic
  222. Pair, Mial
  223. Patrick, William
  224. Patrick, Robert
  225. Patterson, Andrew
  226. Patterson, Robert
  227. Peters, James
  228. Peters, John
  229. Peters, Martha
  230. Pettus, George
  231. Pettus, John
  232. Pettus, William
  233. Polk, John
  234. Polk, William
  235. Porter, Samuel
  236. Pursley, James
  237. Pursley, Robert
  238. Quinn, Thomas
  239. Rainey, William
  240. Ramsey, John
  241. Rea, Sarah
  242. Reeves, Cynthia
  243. Riddle, George
  244. Roberts, Andrew
  245. Roberts, Jesse
  246. Roberts, James
  247. Roberts, John
  248. Robertson, John
  249. Robinson, Mary
  250. Robinson, William
  251. Robison, William
  252. Rogers, Isaac
  253. Ross, George
  254. Ross, James
  255. Rowell, William
  256. Sadler, Elizabeth
  257. Sadler, Jane
  258. Sadler, Jane (2)
  259. Sadler, Richard
  260. Sandifer, Elizabeth
  261. Sandefur, Philip
  262. Smith, James
  263. Scott, Elizabeth
  264. Sherer, Thomas
  265. Simeril, James
  266. Simmoons, Daniel
  267. Smith, Henry
  268. Smith, James
  269. Smith, John
  270. Smith Lillis
  271. Smith, William Sr.
  272. Smith, Winefred
  273. Springs, Richard
  274. Stanton, William
  275. Steedman, Michael
  276. Steel, William
  277. Steele, Mary
  278. Stevenson, William
  279. Stuart, Archibald
  280. Suggs, Laban
  281. Swann, Ann
  282. Swann, John
  283. Swann, Mary
  284. Tate, James
  285. Thomasson, Nathaniel
  286. Thompson, Alexander
  287. Thompson, John
  288. Thompson, Thomas
  289. Thomson, William
  290. Tilghman, Joshua
  291. Turner, Robert
  292. Turner, Thomas (2)
  293. Vennable, James
  294. Vennable, William
  295. Waddel, David
  296. Walker, Hugh
  297. Wallis, Martha
  298. Webb, Eleanor
  299. Wells, Hugh
  300. White, Hugh
  301. Whitesides, Hugh
  302. Wilkins, Smith
  303. Williams, Charles
  304. Wilson, Thomas
  305. Workman, John
  306. Wood, Aaron
  307. Wylie, Nancy

South Carolina Online Databases for Genealogists

South Carolina Wills
  • Chester Co. SC Wills 1789 to 1853
    Chester County, SC Probate RecordsSite of the Battle of Fishing Creek during the Revolutionary War. Chester County and its county seat, the town of Chester, were named for Chester County, Pennsylvania. The county was formed in 1785 as part of the larger Camden District but was later transferred to Pinckney District (1791-1800); it became a separate district in 1800. Scotch-Irish settlers from Pennsylvania and Virginia moved into this upstate region beginning about 1755. During the Revolutionary War, American forces under General Thomas Sumter were defeated here at the battle of Fishing Creek in August 1780; the Americans were victorious…
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Kershaw Co. SC Wills

Kershaw County

Wateree River Camden, South Carolina Battle of Camden, South CarolinaPictured is the Wateree River, Camden, and the Battle of Camden. Kershaw County was originally part of Camden District, and was formed in 1791 from Claremont, Lancaster, Fairfield and Richland Counties. It was named for Joseph Kershaw (1727-1791). The county seat is Camden. Camden was first settled in about 1732 by the English who'd settled first in Charleston. Camden was occupied by the Revolutionary War from June of 1780 to May of 1781. Battle of Camden, South Carolina during the Revolutionary War.

South Carolina Wills and Estate Records Available to Members of South Carolina Pioneers

Map of Plantations in Lower Kershaw County
Index to Kershaw County Will Book A (1770-1826)
Index to Kershaw County Will Book N1 (1776-1833)
Index to Kershaw County Unrecorded Wills (1789-1816)
Index to Kershaw County Will Book A1 (1781-1820)
Index to Kershaw County Will Book C
Index to Kershaw County Will Book D (1803)

Transcripts of Kershaw County Will Book AI (1781 to 1820)
Testators: James Archer, Ebenezer Bagwell, Humphrey Barnett, Samuel Boykin, William Clemmons, William Collins, Thomas Dixon, Charles Ghent, Joseph Kershaw, Daniel Kirkland, Derret Long, William Norris, Lemuel Perry, Sterling Pettaway, James Pickett, John Platt, John Williams, Drury Wyche and William Wyly.
Transcripts of Kershaw County Will Book D (1803): only 4 wills
Testators: Catharine Rhodes, Ann Roach, Anthony Seals and Dillard Spradley.
Transcripts of Kershaw County Unrecorded Deeds (1789-1816)
Testators: William Beckham, Nicholas Bishop, Elizabeth Bracey, George Brown, Jonathan Bunckley, N. Center, Lewis Collins, James Crawford, Henry Croft, Edward Davis, Richard Davis, Isaac Dubose, Mary Egleton, Barwell Evans, William Forgueson, Alexander Goodall, Benjamin Haile and William Luyten.

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  8. SoutheasternGenealogy.com (Digitized Wills in counties of: Carter 1794-1830; Jefferson 1802-1810;Johnson 1839-1900;Unicoi 1878-1887; Washington 1779-1800)
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Barnwell Co. SC Images of Wills

Barnwell County

Barnwell, South CarolinaWillis Pond, Barnwell, South CarolinaBarnwell, South CarolinaPictured is the Barnwell County country side and Wilis Pond. Barnwell County was originally part of Orangeburg District, and in 1785 it was named Winton County. It was given its current name in 1800 when it was named for John Barnwell (1748-1800), a Revolutionary War Leader. Barnwell County has decreased in size over the years as new counties were created within its boundaries (Aiken in 1871, Bamberg in 1897 and Allendale in 1919). The South Carolina Railroad, which connected Charleston to Hamburg on the Savannah River, was built through this area, creating the towns of Blackville and Williston in the mid-nineteenth century. 

Early settlers to Orangeburg District: Robert McCampbell, Gabriel Moffitt, W. H. Lacy, Nathaniel Perry, and others. 

Probate Records Available to members of South Carolina Pioneers
  • Index to Barnwell County Wills (1787-1826)
  • Index to Barnville County Wills (1787-1856)
  • Barnwell County Marriages
  • Barnwell County Wills (abstracted) 1778-1810
  • Barnwell County Wills (abstracted) 1811-1820
  • Barnwell County Wills (abstracted) 1821-1840
  • Barnwell County Wills (abstracted) 1841-1856
  • 1825 Map of Barnwell District
Transcripts of Miscellaneous Wills and Estates (1787-1798) 

Testators: Abney, Nathaniel; Adams, William; Alexander, Raine ; Ashley, Nathaniel; Bassett, William; Bates, Andrew; Blitchendon, John; Bowie, James; Boyit, William; Brown, Tarlton, Estate, 1845; Browne, Charles; Bryant, John; Burnley, John; Bush, John; Cannon, Reddin; Carrel, Thomas; Chase, Peleg; Chitty, John; Colding, Ann; Collins, James; Cooper, Nicholas; Crossle, William; Davis, James; Dillard, Barbara; Duglas, John; Dyckes, Isaac; Edward, David; Evoritt, William; Filput, Thomas; Fitts, John; Foster,Benjamin;Genkins,Elizabeth; Hankinson, Robert; Hargroves, Mary; Harley, Joseph; Hayes, Joseph; Heath, Benjamin; Henley, John; Hicks, Christopher; Huffman, Solomon; Jackson, James, Sr.; Johnson, William; Kirkland, Benjamin; Kirkland, Edward; Knucks, Thomas; Latham, George; Lee, Robert; Long, Levi; Matkinberhide, Martin; McNeely, Patrick; Moody, James; Moore, William; Myfser, John; Newman, Richard; Newman, William; Nobles, Nicholas; Odom, Thames; Parkinson, John; Platts, John ; Richards, James; Roberts, James; Robison, George; Rofe, John; Scarbrough, William; Shaw, Thomas; Smith, Stephen; Southwell, Edward; Stallings, James; Steed, Charles; Stivender, Avrehart; Taylor, John ; Thomas, Jacob; Thompson, John; Tindal, John; Touchstone, Fred, Sr.; Treadway, Richard; Turner, John; Vince, Joseph; Walker, George; Williams, John; Wood, John 

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