Thursday, April 19, 2012

South Carolinians, families traced

SC Genealogies and sketches available to members of

Habersham of Savannah and Beaufort

Hallum of Pickens County

Hammond of Richmond, Virginia & Edgefield Co.

Harris of Edgefield Co.

Hay of Jamaica, New York, South Carolina

Haynes of Pickens County

Heath of Surry and Prince Georgia Counties, Virginia and South Carolina

Hemphill of York County

Henry of Anderson County & Pendleton District, South Carolina

Heyward of Charleston

Hiers of South Carolina and Georgia

High of Spartanburg

Hitt of Virginia, South Carolina and Georgia

Holland of Anderson County

Holliday of South Carolina and Georgia

Hollingsworth of Laurens County

Hollister of Charleston

Hooper of Lunenburg County, Virginia, Greenville County, South Carolina and Georgia

Hooper of Greenville County

Hopkins of Greenville and Pickens Counties, South Carolina

Huger of Charleston (2)

Hughie of Union County.

Hunt, Elsi of Pickens County

Hunt, James

Izard of Charleston

Izlar of Orangeburg

Jennings of Edgefield County

Johnson, Nathaniel (Sir), Governor, sketch of

Jones of South Carolina

Jordan of Edgefield Co.

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